Saturday, August 15, 2009

VariTone Released!

At 9:00pm tonight Gents with Beards received an email informing us that our first iPhone app, VariTone, has been released into the wild.

VariTone is a electronic diversion (okay, toy) for your iPhone or iPod touch.

It lets you record your voice and then play it back faster, slower, higher or lower. You can give yourself a fast chipmunk-like squeal, a slow growl, or even a pretty dead-on Fezzik impersonation.

It took longer than we thought, was harder than we imagined, but it's pretty exciting to see our efforts available on the app store.

You can go to our app store page with this link. We recommend that you buy at least seven or eight copies (you know, to be safe), and post embarrassingly lavish praise in a six star review :).

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